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Intelligently curated digital marketing plans for small businesses who are ready to scale their passion. We can put together a strategy to dramatically increase your ROI and share of the market.

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Social StrategyYes, there is a science to it.

It’s a full-time job to keep up with the pace these technologies are evolving. It’s my job to learn the latest strategies that are proven to create real ROI.


SEOPart of the big picture

SEO/SEM isn’t every thing (like sometimes it’s cracked up to be) but it’s something you can’t afford to mess up. There are some clear, actionable steps we can take to make it work right, and some ongoing efforts that will move you up the ranks.


Digital MarketingAnd everything that includes

It’s a big electronic world out there. There are a myriad of exciting ways to find your audience before they even know they want you. Demand gen gone wild. Let’s do it.


Content CreationAnd everything that includes

Content creation is one of the pillars of all the other strategies. Likely you already have the content you need, we just need to position it in the right part of the funnel. Keeping up with content creation is going to work. Let us take that off your plate.


Email marketingYour greatest asset

‘They’ say that your email list is your most valuable asset. Let’s grow it, leverage it, and protect it. Let’s segment your list and deliver the messages they need to hear them.


And more...the next biggest thing?

There is so much more. Speaking of passionate, we are passionate about everything emerging platform, article, tool, and technique. Want to know more about “how it works”? Head on over to that very page.


Digital Strategy in a nutshell

What does it all mean? There are lots of acronyms to scare you – the SEO/SEM, KPIs and ROI/ROE, your CTA/CTR/CPM, the list goes on. And plenty of graphics to illustrate the funnel.

You need a digital marketing plan that is predictable and scalable.

Let’s simplify it. Define your message. Identify your audience. Reach your audience with your message. Bring them to your business. Provide them a satisfying experience. It’s 7x easier to retain a client than it is to find a new one. Let’s impress them and keep them.

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it's not rocket science, but it is science. and you don't need to learn another subject.

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My commitment to passionate, values-driven entrepreneurs

When it is necessary to sub-contract technical services, I am committed to hiring passionate, values-driven female entrepreneurs, with a preference for mothers that are dedicated to keeping or building careers while raising their family. Because there are few people quite as dedicated to quality and excellence, or as grateful for the opportunity to work hard and make school pickup. 

Some Clientsaka passion projects

TESTIMONIALSsuccess stories

  • I didn’t believe that my business would need to dive so deeply into a digitally-dominated world. I built my business on hard work and friendships, but I have grown it through Laura’s strategically executed campaigns and her deep understanding of this new landscape.

    Michael B


  • Laura shepherded me through the stages of my online business development from the start. I've since grown my audience by 500%, am filling up my retreats, and am excited to work with her to bring my offerings to the next level.

    Maricarmen W

    Business Owner

  • Laura took charge of the social strategy framework across all our brands. After a comprehensive audit, she developed our key KPIs and benchmarks that set us up for success. We are successfully growing our share of brand voice and tracking our successful social efforts through to conversions.