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WHO ARE WE? A digital strategy company whose goal it is to make your marketing compelling and effective

 It’s not rocket science, but it is science. And you don’t need to learn another subject. There are so many ways to reach your audience, the people who need your business but might not even know it yet. Let us coordinate and manage your marketing so you can spend more time doing what you love.

And without further ado...

For 15 years I have been working in this fascinating world of ‘digital strategy’ that is unfolding at breakneck pace.

I was made for this field. I entered Brown University in the 90’s as an Applied Math/Psychology major. It wasn’t even a real major – but I knew it was a real thing!

Digital Marketing can be overwhelming. But we press on, because we know there are people out there who need what we have to offer. In my case, I want to offer you the peace of mind that you are doing what you need to do to reach your markets on all channels.

Here’s the beauty of it – we can track it. We can put numbers to it all. Decide what’s working and do more of it, and abandon the rest. You might not even know who needs you now – but you will know more soon! Social and digital strategy is our thing.

Of course, web design, lead gen, and email marketing are critical too. Let’s capture those hearts and help them find their way down the funnel.

The Requisite Bio in 3rd Person

Before landing in the exciting world of digital marketing, Laura’s career iterations included owner of a small hydrologic consulting firm, running coach, and Packard Science Fellow at Environmental Defense Fund. As it became clear that digital was taking off, she switched her focus to strategic brand management, social media marketing and analytics, and all things digital marketing. Her mission is tied together by attention to detail, tirelessly advocating for pragmatic solutions, and a focus on positive businesses and initiatives. Her background as a modern brand strategist means she knows how to market your business or cause with the skilled expertise it deserves.

For adventure she loves trail running, getting semi-lost in the wood with her daughters, and spending time exploring the Mountain West on bike and board. She is thrilled to be raising her daughters to be denizens of rural living, and their next project is to convince Dad that they really do need to have chickens and goats like the neighbors! Laura attended Brown University, and received her M.S. in Hydrology from the University of New Hampshire. She’s been in the field of Brand Management and Digital Marketing since 2007.







TESTIMONIALSsuccess stories

  • I didn’t believe that my business would need to dive so deeply into a digitally-dominated world. I built my business on hard work and friendships, but I have grown it through Laura’s strategically executed campaigns and her deep understanding of this new landscape.

    Michael B


  • Laura shepherded me through the stages of my online business development from the start. I've since grown my audience by 500%, am filling up my retreats, and am excited to work with her to bring my offerings to the next level.

    Maricarmen W

    Business Owner

  • Laura took charge of the social strategy framework across all our brands. After a comprehensive audit, she developed our key KPIs and benchmarks that set us up for success. We are successfully growing our share of brand voice and tracking our successful social efforts through to conversions.