How it Works

Creating Change, One Step at a Time

The 10-second synopsis.

We talk about your business, goals, and what systems you currently have in place.

Then, we have an initial meeting for 1.5-2 hours where we review the Discovery Documents and questionnaires I have provided. I will have prepared some initial analysis of your properties and channels so we can walk away with an action plan. The initial meeting is $250.

I will provide you a proposal for a strategic marketing plan that clearly follows your goals and targets your objectives. The average weekly commitment for previous projects has ranged from 5-15 hours.

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    Vision, Passion, Goals

    Where are we going? We need to know where your values lie and what the ultimate outcome is for your marketing objectives.

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    Brand Voice and Social Audit

    We will take an audit of your current social channels and digital properties. What’s working well, where does your audience live, and where can we do some quick and easy tweaks to get some initial results.

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    Identify Buyer personas

    Where does your ideal customer live, online and offline? What other brands are they connected to? What are they doing right now? How can you help them solve their current problems?

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    Website audit and optimization

    We dive into the guts of your site and your analytics and identify how to optimize the flow, set up your remarketing pixel, and optimize for SEO.

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    Strategize and GO!

    Time to get the hands dirty. We take off with remarketing campaigns, email segmentation, lead pages, split test campaigns to lookalike and custom audiences, set up your funnels, and expand.

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    Fine tune and continue

    What’s working and what’s not? We regroup, analyze, and move ahead.